I have strong interests in media – music, writing, watching and making films, spoken-word and anything creative, which is why I got involved!

I researched questions for the interviews, conducted interviews myself, and participated in planning and idea-building sessions. From viewing documentaries, having discussions and trips to the M-Shed museum, I learned fascinating local and international history. I learned so much from the group and our tutors and was introduced to new music and artists.

Some highlights for me were interviewing Troy Ellis and Mike Darby at Ajax’s place and watching ‘Marley’ at The Watershed, which was incredible. All the things I’ve learnt from this project will stay with me, as will the links to such a talented group of people. I got a ‘Face2Face’ BBC placement as a direct result of the project, which has turned into a three-month BBC work placement. That has been a big step forward in my career.

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