Michael C

I was drawn to the Dubplate to Dubstep project as I saw it as a fantastic opportunity, not only to learn about broadcasting, reggae music and culture, but also to find out more about my local community.

I’ve always been very interested in radio and been a fan of Ujima for years, so the possibility of getting to broadcast on this station was a big attraction.
I focused on radio, but still helped wherever I could with the film, I was mostly involved with script-writing and interviewing.
The project gave me an overview of Bristol’s history. A really unique opportunity was getting to speak to community elders who had experienced first-hand many of the situations I was interested in.

Since the completion of this project, I along with some of the other DP2DS crew members have secured a show on Ujima 98 fm. This is a dream come true, and I love every minute of it, the course has altered the way I live my life in a big, and wholly positive, way!

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