Welcome to our Resources page. Here we have listed  our recommended relevant books, films, websites and interviews for you to find out more…

African Drum in A History of the World in 100 objects

The British Museum placed the African drum as one of its most important objects to tell the story of mankind’s history.

Excellent collection of artist photographs from Adrian Boot and others


Beezer documented much of the music scene in 80′s Bristol

Pete Williams Photography 

Archive photos from music artists by photographer Pete Williams

An Interview with Black Roots

Black Roots members on the foundation of the band, their music and African names.

Bristol Archive Records

Bristol Archive Records is a record label dealing in Bristol post punk and reggae from 1977 onwards.

Death of a Soundman

A video tribute to the late great Duke Vin.

Windrush Generation

Reflections from members of the Windrush Generation on their first experiences of migration to the UK.

Migration Stories

As part of the MShed’s living record of the city, Iva Williams shares her experience of migration to the UK in 1962.

Bass Culture: When Reggae was King

One of the best books about Reggae culture – from Lloyd Bradley – detailing the rise of Reggae in Jamaica and the UK, with plenty of information on Jamaican and UK politics and colourful characters from Reggae’s history.

This is Ska!

1964 television programme feature on Ska.

The Origin of the Word ‘Ska’

Benjamin Zephaniah investigates the origins of the word ‘ska’ and explores a variety of different stories.

Duke Vin, Count Suckle and the Birth of Ska in Britain

The uplifting story of the pioneers of Jamaican music in the UK.

2 Tone Records

The complete 2 Tone UK discography.

Mykaell Riley’s Blog ‘Always on the Move’

Mykaell Riley of Steel Pulse.

Afro-Caribbean Sources in Bristol’s Museums

A Guide to finding and using Afro-Caribbean sources in Bristol’s Museums, Galleries and Archives.

Rock Against Racism

A Guardian article  on the Rock Against Racism movement.

Dub to Jungle

A documentary following the 2011 Dub to Jungle tour, tracing the roots of Jungle back through Dub history.

Massive Attack

Massive Attack interview ahead of their 2010 album ‘Heligoland’

Sugar Shack Records

The sister label to Bristol Archive Records.