• Alexis


    I am passionate about art and always searching for new ways to express my creativity. So when I saw the Dubplate to Dubstep project I had to get involved. I alternated between: writing, producing, editing and sound recording. I settled as interviewer and co-producer. It was challenging at first, but the challenges gave way to interesting opportunities, like interviewing Mykaell Riley and Peter D at … Read more

  • Alex


    I enjoy expressing my creativity, so naturally when I heard about Dubplate to Dubstep I was keen to get involved. We covered a lot during the course and it became clear that both radio and TV have a common creative process; the research, planning and content within each were similar. I worked in both as producer and writer, so I now understand the basics of … Read more

  • Charlie


    I was attracted to the project to get some ‘hands on’ film and radio experience. I graduated from University a few years ago but have struggled to find direction within the media industry; Dubplate to Dubstep has renewed my confidence and inspiration to pursue a career in media! My roles were varied throughout the project, but I often fell into those of script-writing and research … Read more

  • Darren


    I have strong interests in media – music, writing, watching and making films, spoken-word and anything creative, which is why I got involved! I researched questions for the interviews, conducted interviews myself, and participated in planning and idea-building sessions. From viewing documentaries, having discussions and trips to the M-Shed museum, I learned fascinating local and international history. I learned so much from the group and our … Read more

  • Jude

    Jude Head shot copy 3

    I was part co-facilitator, part participant in the project and was involved in everything from recruitment to the final film and radio projects. I learnt a lot about Bristol’s role in UK and global music trends. We were given a massive amount of information about the city’s roots, and how they’ve played a part in the vibrant music and culture here. I particularly enjoyed a … Read more

  • Kieron

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    I heard about the project through the Princes Trust who showed me a flyer. I have always wanted to do radio and this was a perfect opportunity for me to learn new skills, and hear about the history of Reggae Music. I did some of the website research and also helped with filming and editing. I learnt new skills in planning a radio show and … Read more

  • Michael B


    As a musician I have long had a love for music: especially Reggae and Ska. When I heard about the Dubplate to Dubstep project I jumped at the chance to learn more about the history and culture responsible for these sounds. Two things that really stood out were presenting our first live radio show on Ujima and watching our finished films on the big screen. A part … Read more

  • Michael C


    I was drawn to the Dubplate to Dubstep project as I saw it as a fantastic opportunity, not only to learn about broadcasting, reggae music and culture, but also to find out more about my local community. I’ve always been very interested in radio and been a fan of Ujima for years, so the possibility of getting to broadcast on this station was a big … Read more

  • Nick

    Nick resize

    I am mad about football but also enjoy music. I heard about Dubplate to Dubstep from Fairbridge. I saw the flyer and wanted to take part as I love music and wanted to learn new skills. I took part in the research part of things using the internet. I improved my communication skills and now have a better understanding of what it takes to create … Read more

  • Odayle

    Odayle resize

    I’m originally from Jamaica but recently settled in England. I became interested in the project when I was handed a flyer and as it was Jamaica`s 50th year of independence I wanted to celebrate my culture. During filming I learnt about the camera, set up the equipment for interviews and used the microphone. I learned about Dubplates, and that both Lee Scratch Perry and Bob … Read more

  • Richard


    I took part because I wanted to learn more about film making and hadn’t been in a creative environment for some time. My role during filming was mainly camera man but I also experienced being a soundman and was at times the director. For the radio aspect of the project, I made a more general contribution, with my role being Quality Control. I learnt a … Read more

  • Shana


    I have always been interested in media and this led to me joining the Dubplate to Dubstep project. On the project I was the producer so I helped film, plan, research and edit. I also had the opportunity to interview local DJs like DJ Derek, and took part in three radio shows. I learnt about the history of music; where certain genres originated, and how they … Read more

  • Dr Edson Burton

    Edson resize

    Dr Edson Burton led on cultural heritage history with the group. Since completing a PhD he has combined creative writing with teaching, research and consultancy. He has written several dramas for BBC Radio 4, as well as his own theatre plays and in 2008 his first collection of poetry, Seasoned, was published by Bristol City Chameleon.  Edson has delivered a range of talks and projects … Read more

  • Roger Griffith

    Roger headshot resize

    Roger Griffith delivered radio training, and led on music history research and writing for the website. He is Chair of Ujima Radio and  CEO of consultancy organisation 2morrow2day, with a background of 10 years working for Bristol City Council. Roger is currently writing a book “Windrush to the White House” exploring black history and politics across the UK and USA and also presents a Soul … Read more

  • Mike Jenkins

    mike v 2

    Mike Jenkins led the film production of documentary “Dubplate to Dubstep” and trained the team. He runs 8th Sense Media, a Creative Media Production and Training Company for under-represented social groups. Having himself completed a Prince’s Trust Enterprise course, he has a keen interest in empowering young people through media. As well as directing music videos and documentaries with special effects, Mike is a Bristol music artist … Read more

  • Rob Mitchell

    rob resize

    Rob Mitchell led the film training and production. He co-founded Firstborn Creatives, a media production company and Social Enterprise working for television, corporate and community communications. Rob is a graduate of the University of Bristol’s Theatre, Film and Television degree course and has work as a Creative Media Producer of film / video/ radio/ interactive media and print. Rob is a father of two and … Read more

  • Caroline Oldland

    caroline pic for website copy

    Caroline Oldland is the Project Manager. She recruited the youth team and worked with them to design the Dubplate to Dubstep project.  As a community consultant and creative event producer, she has over 15 years experience working professionally within the Creative Industries, 8 of those with Creative Partnerships, Arts Council England’s Creative Learning Programme for young people. Training as a Fashion Designer, she spent her … Read more

  • Kevin Philemon

    kevin v 3

    Kevin Philemon co-led the radio and broadcasting training. He is a committed and focussed media professional who enjoys delivering big ideas with limited resources, that significantly impact the community. He founded Ujima Radio 98FM, and has over two decades of media experience working for the BBC as presenter, interviewer, trainer and producer. Kevin works across voluntary, community, public and business sectors.